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We will help you to

  • Create engaging video content
  • Produce TV-style livestreams
  • Engage your audience through webinars
  • Use our platform for a complete virtual event

CamberCam provides the following services:

Video Production

From 1-person in-office interviews, to full multi-day highlights videos and press junkets... >

Live Broadcast

Including live stream, video conferencing, satellite broadcast and live multi-cam... >

Webinar Rental

Run your own, branded, in-browser webinars with unlimited meetings on a fixed monthly fee... >

Virtual Events Platforms

Choose from three sizes of online event platform with your own website, livestream, chat, memberships, and more... >

Video Production

  • Interviews, both studio and on-location
  • Highlights videos, Music Performances & Teasers for events
  • Explainer or walk-throughs with graphics
  • Remote interview recording & COVID-aware process

Live Video

  • Full, on-location multi-cam broadcast/iMAG infrastructure
  • Live cameras, on screen graphics, video playback, picture-in-picture
  • Scoreboards, chat boxes, polls, quizzes, Q&A, Slido integration, and more!
  • Countdown timers, autocue, comfort monitors, remote slide advancers/clickers, stenographers

Custom-branded Webinar Rooms

  • Invite up to 1,000 people into your live video conference
  • Brand your conference with your logo watermark, and deliver custom branded invitation emails
  • Use whiteboards, screen sharing, invite audience members to share their webcam and audio temporarily, polls, Q&A, breakout rooms and more!

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Full Virtual Event Platform

  • Use your own vanity URL: www.MyEventName.com
  • Fully branded platform with interactive schedule
  • Works on any platform: mobile, tablet, desktop & works globally (including China!)
  • Fully customisable branding throughout, including password or membership protection and all run on 256-bit encryption

Our mission is to take care of your video needs, and to grow alongside your demands, with reliability and straightforward planning at the core.

Whether its some quick instagram social media animations ready for an up-coming event, or a full TV channel covering a multi-month conference of content, we can provide both the capture equipment and the delivery platforms for your needs.

Take a look through our offerings and find out how we can work with you to simplify your marketing objectives, and really develop your brand…

We provide content creation for social media, internal comms and live events.
Our livestream platform can deliver to over 1m+ viewers across the globe
The CamberCam webinar can be used with up to 1,000 people
Equipment rental is available for easy B2B solutions

Clients appreciate what we do​

Let's create a plan for your content and its delivery

We can talk through one-off events, or develop and integrate with multi-year marketing projects – including monthly content creation, content for socials, covering investor relations meetings, album launches, talk-show style promo events and more…