1. Choose from one of our setups:

All of these solutions are covid-safe. They can be carried out in a socially-distanced way, and comply with UK regulations.

No studio? No problem.

  • Remote Recording: Individual

    This can include remote recordings of presenters over, for example, Zoom. We will work with your remote presenters to get the best camera angle, lighting and audio, take the slides (we can provide a web-based slide-advancer for your presenters to use), media and other assets you provide, then capture their recording and make it available via the cloud to you.

  • Remote Recording: Panel Discussion

    Here, we can again work with all remote presenters to make sure they look their best, test their internet and check their audio, then we can use a video conferencing platform like Zoom to record them all, but can piece it together into a single video with camera cuts, or with your presenters all shown in a grid on screen, following your branding

In a studio, venue, your office or outside:

  • One Person to Camera

    This can include short introductions, presentation with slides, testimonials or how-tos, and can be deployed to studios, venues or office spaces.

  • Duo Interview

    An interviewer and interviewee on screen, usually 3 cameras which can be deployed to a studio, venue or office space. We capture each individual camera and audio, as well as cutting a live edit that is ready to publish for you.

  • Panel Session

    Depending on your studio or venue size, we can have up to 6 people in a panel-discussion setup in one place, or even patch in remote presenters over the internet to have realtime discussions.

2. Prepare with our workflow

Use the tabs below to explore the different stages

  • 1. Initial Contact Stage
  • 2. Briefing Stage
  • 3. Quote Stage
  • 4. Acceptance Stage
  • 5. Pre-Production Stage
  • 6. Media & Assets Stage
  • 7. Production Stage
  • 8. Edit Stage (optional)
  • 9. Review Stage (optional)

Head to https://cambercam.co.uk/contact or email [email protected] to get in touch with us and begin discussing your next project

We will require the following information from you before we can issue a quote:

    1. Date of shoot?
    2. Location of shoot?
    3. If virtual, we can provide zoom links for remote recording, recommend remote video capture solutions, or work with your preferred video conferencing supplier
    4. Time of Interview?
    5. Details of final deliverable
      1. Final video length?
      2. Context of video?
      3. Please provide a simple description of the final video. (200 words)
      4. Any specific focusses or omissions?
    6. How many interviewees?
    7. How many camera angles would you like?
    8. Do you need us to provide lighting?
    9. Do you need us to provide audio?
    10. How many people on camera simultaneously?
    11. Are they presenting with slides? Do they require a clicker?
    12. Are they presenting with any videos?
    13. Do they require a tele-prompter?
    14. Do they require a count-down timer?
    15. Do they require a comfort monitor?
    16. Would you like the raw footage or an edited video?
    17. If edited:
      1. We will need the branding pack, including logo, colour scheme and preferred font.
      2. Do you currently have any branded graphics/lower thirds/transitions you would like us to use?
      3. Do you currently have an intro video / banner / graphic you would like us to use?
      4. Do you currently have intro music / background music you would like us to use?

From the above information, we will create a formal quote for you and email it through for your consideration.

We will need to know the full company information and point of contact at the company, and quotes must be emailed to an official representative of the company stated.

We will carry out background checks on all new customers including Companies House records, Credit Checks & references.

We will require a return email confirming in writing that you would like to go ahead with the booking, as well as the deposit as stated in the payment terms.

Both are required to confirm the booking.

This is to work out the logistics:

(Not applicable for remote recordings)

    1. Venue Contact Name
    2. Venue Contact Number
    3. Confirm Venue Address
    4. Confirm Venue Access Route (loading bay / front doors / Specific car park)
    5. Time of access (must be >3 hours before shooting time)
    6. Specific site rules (high-vis jackets / hard hats / remote access / permits on show)
    7. Dress Code
    8. What power supplies are available?
    9. Is there a weatherproof lockable area for us to store our equipment / take breaks?
    10. What refreshments / rest areas are available?

Submit your media to us

We will provide you with a secure, shared, online folder to upload your assets to. We will also supply templates for your presenters information and script.

Presenters Information:

    1. Please confirm a full list of names of those appearing on camera, with the following details:
      1. First name
      2. Last name
      3. Job title
      4. Biography (200 words) (Optional)
      5. Social Media Handles (Optional)
      6. Company Logo (Optional)
      7. Company Website / contact information (Optional)
    2. Please provide a headshot or photo of each person appearing on camera (please make sure the file name is the person’s name)
    3. Please provide any slide shows, videos, images or other graphics you would like to use in the video. 
      1. Please make sure the file name includes the presenter’s name. 
      2. Please make sure you include any custom fonts. 
      3. Please make sure you upload a .pdf copy of any powerpoint, keynote or google slides files so that we can ensure layout accuracy.


    1. Please confirm any scripts the presenters might be using, or notes they are referring to

These will either be on site, or remote capture recordings and we will provide a method statement for you ahead of the shoot date.

When working with video production or event management companies, we will expect a call sheet from you in advance.

Once the shoot is completed, we can either copy the information straight to your memory cards, or we can upload it to an online folder for you.

Depending on the quality of recording and where it will be output will depend on the amount of storage required. HD 1080p30 web recordings will be c.4GB/camera/hour, full quality 4k30 10-bit log recordings will be c.150GB/camera/hour.

If we have completed edits for you on the footage, then we will upload it to an online space for you to watch and give feedback / corrections / changes and add your own notes.

Every edit job includes one round of corrections as standard.

Additional rounds are available at extra cost.

This is also when we will seek feedback from you on how we can improve the service, or if there was anything you wanted to let us know about your experience with us.

3. our previous successful projects

We have shot interviews all over the world in varied locations, from carrying rucksacks of kit on foot to on-location shoots in the slums of Uganda or the jungles of Guatemala, to green-screen C-suite-level comms in multi-national pharmaceutical companies’ in-house studios, to conferences in New York and specialists explaining their latest findings…

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Theo Smith

Theo Smith

Having worked as a tour manager for international acts including Roni Size, Jonas Blue, Sigma, Wilkinson, Friction and more, Theo moved into technical design and event producing for corporations and high-net-worth individuals, before taking that technical, legal and design experience forwards to begin CamberCam. Now in its 6th year, CamberCam works with household names such as Google, Facebook, Burberry, Universal Music and Red Bull to deliver 3 key areas of multi-media service: Video Production, Live Broadcast & Virtual Events Platforms.

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