From meetings, to conferences, and on to stadiums

Get your event shown where you need it. Live.

We specialise in live video production: From iMAGs, to slides-&-presenter webinars, on to fully-scripted TV shows and eSports competitions…

Making the tech invisible.

We've succeeded when you can simply plan your content, safe in the knowledge that it will show up wherever in the world you want it, in pristine quality.

Relay Screens

We can deliver on-site camera coverage to outdoor screens, projectors, TV's and wherever you would like to show slides, schedules, sponsor's content, scoreboards, interviews and sessions

Live Stream

We can send a live video feed of local or remote cameras, pre-recorded video, slides, graphics and more to a clean web player that can be embedded anywhere.

Conference Calls

We can work with enterprise conference calling systems to provide stunning audio and video into your current infrstructure, or we provide our own custom-branded webinar rooms

We carry a full stock of our own broadcast equipment.

Including all cameras, lighting, audio and vision mixers, graphics machines, slides laptops with clickers, as well as more specialised equipment available for each production. CamberCam also holds a wide network of specialist freelancers around the globe to draw from for any project requirements you need.

A complex e-sports competition with mulitple in-person and remote gamers in 1080p60 with dynamic graphics, commentary box & host

What we offer

Professional crews with decades of combined experience, partnered with the latest technology mean we can deliver any level of production

Multi-Camera Setups

We can deploy to a studio, venue or office building with up to 20 cameras per stage - and up to 10 different stages simultaneously

Remote Broadcast

Using either 4G bonded mobile internet, satellite broadcast or local wired internet, we can send live video across the globe.

Advanced Graphics

Animated slides, lower thirds, title pages, holding slates, time lapses, TV show introductions, social media and live audience chat all available to show live on screen

As-Live Recordings

We can setup and pre-record rehearsed content to ensure it is a perfect delivery that looks like it has been captured live.

Pre-recorded live playout

We can also play out your own pre-recorded polished content into a live broadcast to keep all your audience aligned on the content.

Scoreboards & Timers

Countdowns, clocks, tables of results, heats and finals tables, live statistics - we can integrate with RFID tags for on screen stats like lap times during car racing...

A micro meeting setup for in-person & dial-in audience, including wireless slide-advancer for the presenter

Let's create a plan for your content and its delivery

We can talk through one-off events, or develop and integrate with multi-year marketing projects – including monthly content creation, content for socials, covering investor relations meetings, album launches, talk-show style promo events and more…