Your own Webinar Rooms for up to 1,000 people, accessible from anywhere...

For a simple monthly fee, you can have your own custom-branded, in-browser virtual Video Conferencing suite and webinar capability, with unlimited meetings and unlimited meeting durations.

Choose from one of 4 sizes of room, paid monthly in advance by direct debit - unlimited rooms available:

Manage all of your rooms from one central location, including scheduling, emailing attendees, managing recordings and more...

You can set up your personal meeting room with a memorable web address

Any host can schedule a meeting room,  and provide a memorable URL all from the host dashboard. This can all be done as many times as you need, but you can only be in one of them at a time.

All hosts can create meetings with pre-defined guestlists, a moderators lobby, or completely open rooms. They can schedule times and dates, include a duration to the meeting, a text description as well as an agenda, and this can all be auto-emailed to their audience with html email invites that can include custom images as headers and footers to maintain your brand. 

You can auto-email invites out to your guests with joining links


  • You can hire by the month, or sign up for 12-months with discounts available. 
  • Paid by Direct Debit, 1 month in advance.
  • Bulk discounts available.
  • Payment is made by direct debit, invoiced once per month, 1 month in advance

Each host license is assigned to an email address. Each email address can then be used with a password to login at and access their webinar dashboard. You can have a communal address set up for groups to access, for example keeping just 1x 1,000-person webinar room to share amongst a team, whilst also having a smaller webinar per staff member, to keep costs down.

Everything is billed around host licenses. This refers to how many simultaneous rooms you would like to run, but once a host account is running a room, you can bring in guest speakers as you require, you can leave a room open for as long as you wish, you can bring in additional moderators from the audience, and you can have as many webinars as you wish with one account in one month.

Think of it as a physical meeting room – you can either refresh the room at any time, or you can leave and come back to the same room.

One host licence could hold unlimited webinars in a month of unlimited length, but only consecutively. If you require more than 1 simultaneous webinar, you will need to hire an additional host license.

  • We work with globally-known brands to supply their marketing and sales teams with rooms to be able to interact with both internal and external audiences
  • We can set up as many, or as few, rooms as you need based on scaling cloud-based infrastructure

If you are signed up to the monthly package you just need to give 1 month’s notice to cancel.

If you are signed up to the 12-month contract you need to pay off 50% of your remaining balance.

Benefits for management

Benefits for staff

Fully-Featured Admin Dashboard

Explore some of the features available via the platform

See your usage stats

Keep track of how many people are in your webinar rooms any any time.

Completely Customisable Branding

You can add any logo or graphic you wish to the admin area, watermark the rooms, custom email invite headers and footers - make it your own!

Assign Hosts & Guests

Use the address book to give audience members a custom email with their joining link - join straight into the webinar with their name and job title!

Record Your Webinars

*Optional Extra storage to record your webinars. They are all stored in the admin dashboard so that you and your audience can re-watch them at any time!

Web-Based Interface

Everything is hosted in the cloud, so you can log on from any device, anywhere in the world with your host account and password.

Full Email Scheduling

Auto-email your guests with a branded html email providing their login link, include calendar invites in the emails and organise for reminders or follow up emails - all from the admin dashboard.

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